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Midlife Transition


Many people come to midlife with a fear that the best of their lives is in the past.  If you are a person in midlife, you may find yourself dwelling on regrets and/or things not yet done or experienced.  You may be experiencing deep grief that you didn’t pursue your passion or dreams.  You may feel you are experiencing a “crisis of meaning” and don’t find much support in the wider culture to help you make sense of this experience.  My belief is that midlife is a time rich with potential.  I can support you to negotiate this life passage by taking stock of and celebrating your accomplishments, grieving your disappointments and losses, and exploring what passions and dreams can still be lived.  Through creative exploration using writing, drama, sand-tray, creative visualization and drawing, we can work together in therapy to help you develop a new appreciation of the scope of your experiences thus far, a deeper understanding of your own life story, a stronger sense of your values and goals, and new energy and focus to live the rest of your life to the fullest.  

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